January 2017


1st 10.00am Prayer Time (Lady Chapel)

10.45am United Benefice Communion

5th 2.00pm Longmeadow Service

3.30pm Epiphany Communion (Lady Chapel)

8th 8.00am Holy Communion

10.00am Prayer Time (Lady Chapel)

10.45am Family Communion

6.00pm Covenant Service (Tansley Methodist)

10th 7.00pm Messy Church planning (MMURC)

11th 9.30am Holy Communion (1662) (Tansley)

1.00pm Wednesday at One (Lady Chapel)

2.00pm Ladies Fellowship (Hall)

15th 8.00am Holy Communion

10.00am Prayer Time (Lady Chapel)

10.45am Family Communion

4.00pm Christingle Service

16th 7.30pm Area Dean Welcome Service (St Oswald’s, Ashbourne)

17th 2.00pm Valley Lodge Service

7.30pm Transforming Faith 1 (Meeting Room)

18th 9.30am Holy Communion (1662) (Tansley)

11.00am Lilybank Service

1.00pm Wednesday at One (Lady Chapel)

8.00pm PCC (Meeting Room)

19th 10.30am New Testament morning (Hall)

22nd 8.00am Holy Communion (1662)

10.00am Prayer Time (Lady Chapel)

10.45am Family Communion

23rd 1.30pm Pilgrim 1 (Meeting Room)

24th 7.30pm Transforming Faith 2 (Meeting Room)

25th 9.30am Holy Communion (1662) (Tansley)

1.00pm Wednesday at One (Lady Chapel)

29th 8.00am Holy Communion

10.00am Prayer Time (Lady Chapel)

10.45am Family Communion

30th 1.30pm Pilgrim 2 (Meeting Room)

7.30pm Transforming Faith 3 (Meeting Room)







9.12.2016 Mark & Rowena Harrison




1.12.2016 Pauline McKay (93)


Dear Friends,


A very Happy New Year to you all. It seems that we wave goodbye to 2016 with a certain amount of relief given the dramatic events of the year and the loss of many familiar faces from public life. A new year presents us with new opportunities and new challenges, but we have the assurance that whatever happens, nothing can separate us from the love of God which we find in Christ Jesus.


With a new year comes many a resolve to bring about a positive change in our lives whether it be starting a diet, taking up more physical exercise, making space to be still and to relax. Why not make this the year for a spiritual clean-up and a chance to renew and deepen our relationship with God.


just as an iron rod in some way catches the heat and glow of the fire in which it is plunged, and just as a person who gets too close to a person with a cold catches first the germs and then their symptoms from his companion, then if we are plunged into God’s light and heat long enough, if we stay close enough to God for long enough, close enough to breathe God’s breath, so to speak, then we will catch a case of God. The symptoms of what God has …love, joy peace, patience, justice, purity, strength, vitality…will be transferred to us and we will be infected.” [Brian Mclaren, ‘Finding our way again’, 2008, p.174]


A new year is our opportunity to put our inner spiritual home in order by reading Scripture; exploring the Faith and making space for prayer – to rest in the presence and knowledge of God’s ever-present love for each of us.


Prayer is experiencing [the] intimate, creative presence of God within you, calling you into more complete being by inviting you to surrender yourself totally to His creative love within you. God looks at you with His gaze of perfect love, infinite tenderness, the closest intimacy through self-emptying love on God’s part toward you. He looks at you with all the possibilities to which He is calling you. He sees your sins and potential for future good and evil, for nothing can be hidden from Him. Yet you have an overwhelming experience that God tenderly, intimately loves you.” [G.Maloney, ‘Why not become totally fire?’, 1989, p.28]


My prayer for each of us is that we might be filled with the Holy Spirit; enthused in our faith and renewed in our resolve to serve God in His world to His greater glory.


Every blessing



NEW TESTAMENT MORNING – Thursday 19th January 10.30-12.30pm

Revd. Dr. Graham Rutter, Vicar of Swadlincote and formerly an archaeologist will be giving an illustrated talk about the New Testament and the archaeology of the Holy Land.


PILGRIM – Beginning Monday 23rd January @ 1.30pm. ‘Turning to Christ’ - a six session course exploring our baptismal promises. Cost £5 – an opportunity to explore and grow in our Faith. Please sign the sheet in the vestibule


TRANSFORMING FAITH – Module 2: ‘Doing Theology’which focusses on our ways of experiencing and talking about God and thinking theologically, begins Tuesday 17th January @ 7.30pm in the Meeting Room – new ‘students’ welcome. Cost £20