March 2017


1st 9.30am Holy Communion (1662) (Tansley) [Ash Wednesday]

1.00pm Wednesday at One (Lady Chapel)

7.30pm Holy Communion & Imposition of Ashes (Tansley)

2nd 2.00pm Longmeadow Service

3rd 2.00pm Women’s World Day of Prayer

5th 8.00am Holy Communion

10.00am Prayer Time (Lady Chapel)

10.45am Family Communion

6th 1.30pm Pilgrim 6 (Meeting Room)

7th 11.00am Valley Lodge Communion

7.30pm Transforming Faith 8 (Meeting Room)

8th 9.30am Holy Communion (1662) (Tansley)

1.00pm Wednesday at One (Lady Chapel)

11th 10.00am – 3.00pm GIFT DAY in Church

12th 8.00am Holy Communion

10.00am Prayer Time (Lady Chapel)

10.45am Family Communion

4.00pm Bank Road Messy Church (MMURC)

13th 1.30pm Lent Group 1 (Meeting Room)

14th 7.30pm Transforming Faith 9 (Meeting Room)

15th 9.30am Holy Communion (1662) (Tansley)

1.00pm Wednesday at One (Lady Chapel)

8.00pm PCC (Meeting Room)

16th 7.30pm Deanery Synod (Ashbourne)

19th 8.00am Holy Communion (1662)

10.00am Prayer Time (Lady Chapel)

10.45am Family Communion

20th 1.30pm Lent Group 2 (Meeting Room)

21st 2.00pm Valley Lodge Service

22nd 9.30am Holy Communion (1662) (Tansley)

11.00am Lilybank Service

1.00pm Wednesday at One (Lady Chapel)

26th 8.00am Holy Communion [Mothering Sunday]

10.00am Prayer Time (Lady Chapel)

10.45am Family Service

27th 1.30pm Lent Group 3 (Meeting Room)

29th 9.30am Holy Communion (1662) (Tansley)

1.00pm Wednesday at One (Lady Chapel)










Dear Friends,

It is a sad reflection on our society that the news regularly speaks of uncovering tales of abuse and neglect. There are all too many high-profile stories of ‘celebrities’ and figures of authority abusing their positions of power and trust to prey on the weak and vulnerable. As we are all too aware, this problem is not unique to the secular world but has been all too common in a church context where a ‘blind eye’ has been turned to worrying behaviour.


In the light of huge changes in safeguarding legislation regarding both those working with children and with vulnerable adults, the Church of England has begun introducing a more comprehensive policy to enable a more systematic management of risks to vulnerable groups. Archbishop Justin has said recently, “I believe that the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults should be the highest priority of all parts of the Church, and that any failings in this area must be immediately reported. There are no excuses for shortcomings.”


The aim is to ensure that our churches are safe for everyone in all their activities. The policies implemented also recognise the vital need to support those who in the past have suffered abuse and also contain a new view on who is a ‘vulnerable adult’. As a church we naturally focus on those with specific physical, mental and emotional disabilities in order that they might fullness of life in Christ, but we are also challenged to look at the basic need to look after everyone in church in the way Jesus would want us to, with love, kindness and respect.


Since October 2016, Derby Diocese has been introducing a new Safeguarding Policy which it is planned to be fully implemented within two years. The central support Team has been increased and funds allocated for proper training in this area, as well as drawing up the documents that are required. The PCCs of both our churches will be adopting the policy, a local version of which will be posted on our websites. You will also have noted the small highly coloured cards that give basic information about safeguarding.


Two new Parish Safeguarding Links (PSL) have been appointed; James Hopkinson (Matlock Bank) and Russell Lane (Tansley) and they will work alongside the PCC and myself in implementing the policy. We are in the process of identifying and contacting all who will be required to obtain a DBS (Data & Barring Service) Certificate – please understand that if you are contacted, it is not a reflection on yourself but a mandatory requirement to ensure the highest standards of care for any children or vulnerable adults with whom we come into contact.


Together we can work to enable all God’s children to flourish in safety. If you have any concerns about safety of children or other members of the congregation, please talk with either James or Russell or myself.


Every blessing



JOHN GLOVER – Though not a regular member of the congregation, over the years John has worked in the background for the church, under Mary’s watchful gaze (and under her instructions!). It is with sadness that we note his recent death at Valley Lodge. John was a very quiet, gentle soul who was very gifted in DIY and latterly in cooking. His love and care of Mary during her final illness was exemplary. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.




On Saturday 11th March, we are holding a Gift Day in Church from 10.00am till 3.00pm. This is an opportunity for people to come and give a gift to Church in thanksgiving to God for its ministry, whether pastoral care and support, baptisms, weddings, funerals or for the wider work in the community.

However, All Saints’ faces a deeper financial problem that won’t be resolved by one-off gifts (Grateful as we are for any and all your support on our Gift Day). For many years the weekly income of the church has not been sufficient to cover all the costs of maintenance and mission. Each year we have had to draw on our reserves in order to cover costs and to enable the church to continue its vital ministry. In recent years the PCC had to tell the Diocese that we could not afford to pay the complete Share being asked for, as there wasn’t the money available (Share as you know goes towards the stipends of the clergy, housing, training and central church). As with individuals, the Church has been hit by low interest rates on investments and increased costs associated with insurance and fuel bills, as well as increased costs centrally with the implementation of new Safeguarding legislation.


I’m appealing to you as a member of Christ’s Church to prayerfully look at your giving to the mission and ministry of the church, to see if there is the possibility of increasing your giving. I know finance and money is a ‘touchy’ subject, but our giving to God’s work reflects upon the value that we place on what God has done in our lives. For some the situation will be one where you are already giving as much as you are able, and I do thank you for that. However, there are others who have the flexibility to give more but just need a friendly ‘nudge’ to do so.


Remember the 3 R’s of giving – realistic, regular and reviewable. I wouldn’t dream of telling you what to give (You’ll be relieved to hear), as that is between you and God, but consider if you spend more on a Sunday paper than give to the Church’s work and what that might be saying. If giving is regular, the Church can budget properly and deal with bills as they come along. And giving is reviewable, if circumstances improve, we have the opportunity to give thanks and offer more, whereas if times get tougher then there might be occasions of reining things in slightly.


Please give your stewardship of finance a prayerful spring clean. If you’re not in our regular envelope scheme or wish to set up a standing order, please see Elisabeth Hunt, our Treasurer. And once again, many thanks for all your support.