February 2019


3rd 8.00am Holy Communion [CANDLEMAS]

10.00am Prayer Time (Lady Chapel)

10.45am Family Communion

5th 7.30pm Study Group 5 (Meeting Room)

6th 9.30am Holy Communion (1662) (Tansley)

1.00pm Wednesday at One (Lady Chapel)

7th 2.00pm Longmeadow Service

7.30pm Churches Together (The Barn, St. Giles)

10th 8.00am Holy Communion

10.00am Prayer Time (Lady Chapel)

10.45am Family Communion

12th 7.30pm Study Group 6 (Meeting Room)

13th 9.30am Holy Communion (1662) (Tansley)

1.00pm Wednesday at One (Lady Chapel)

16th 7.00pm Service for USPG

17th 8.00am Holy Communion (1662)

10.00am Prayer Time (Lady Chapel)

10.45am Family Service

19th 2.00pm Valley Lodge Service

7.30pm Study Group 7 (Meeting Room)

20th 9.30am Holy Communion (1662) (Tansley)

11.00am Lilybank Service

1;00pm Wednesday at One (Lady Chapel)

24th 8.00am Holy Communion

10.00am Prayer Time (Lady Chapel)

10.45am Family Communion

27th 9.30am Holy Communion (1662) (Tansley)

1.00pm Wednesday at One (Lady Chapel)









Dear Friends


A new year brings with it signs of change (I will studiously avoid any mention of national politics!) and lighter nights – as I write this, the Easter eggs have already begun to appear on the shelves! As a Diocese we are about to experience a big change with the announcement of our new Diocesan Bishop. The next Bishop of Derby is to be the Rt. Revd. Libby Lane, who was the first woman to be consecrated as a Bishop in the Church of England and who since then has served as Bishop of Stockport in Chester Diocese. Once Bishop Libby is enthroned / installed in her cathedra in Derby, then she will bring a fresh perspective and a new set of eyes to study the challenges facing our Diocese. We will see where she discerns our priorities lie and where resources should be directed. Above all, Bishop Libby will need our prayers in this time of transition, as well as prayers for Bishop Jan and all the senior leadership team.


Closer to home there is change on its way, sometime late March. After 106 years of faithful service the Vicarage is to be sold along with the flat in Far Green that was separated off from the main house in 1964. Undoubtedly it will seem strange for the Vicarage to no longer be used as such, but we pray that the future owners will be able to upgrade and cherish the building in the ways that it now needs. The new Rectory is almost complete on the new Treetops development which lies between Asker Lane and the Presentation Sisters Care Home. The advantage for the Diocese and for present and future incumbents, will be a modern, well-insulated (Warm!) building with an easily maintained garden, which will be cheaper and more efficient to run. Moving house, even just round the corner, is a stressful affair, so your prayers are gratefully requested for us at this time.


Lots happening, but against a backdrop of the faithfulness of our Lord, in Whose Loving Presence, we live and move and have our being.


Every blessing




PS A useful prayer for times of political instability & upheaval:


God of reconciling hope,
as you guided your people in the past
guide us through the turmoil of the present time
and bring us to that place of flourishing
where our unity can be restored,
the common good served
and all shall be made well.
In the name of Jesus we pray.Amen.






This year we will be studying the USPG Course entitled “The Prophetic Voice of the Church” looking at the way the Churches of North and South India have engaged with the Gospel message in tackling issues of Community, Injustice, Gender discrimination; Climate change and the promise of Hope. Tuesdays at 7.30pm in the Meeting Room beginning 12th March. If anyone is interested in using the materials as part of a house group or is willing to host a group, please speak with Richard or Anne.




Richard is due to have a minor operation this month and will be off-duty for a few weeks. During the time from 19th, please direct all enquiries to Anne or John Paulson. On 24th February there will be guest Celebrants / Preachers: 8.00am Revd. Julie Stanton & 10.45am The Archdeacon of Chesterfield, the Ven. Carol Coslett.




The Diocesan Spirituality Group is holding an introductory course looking at different styles of prayer and spiritualities to be held at St. Helen’s, Darley, Saturdays 9.30am-12.30pm


  1. 9th March Longing for the Holy

What’s it all about? Practical: spiritual mapping / sharing faith journey


  1. 16th March Exploring the Tradition

Prayer in the Bible & through history. Prayer as mission


  1. 23rd March Prayer as Relationship with God

  • Contemplation & action. Sacramental prayer


  1. 30th March Prayer with the Word of God

  • Prayer with Scripture – Ignatian

  • Lectio Divina – Benedictine


  1. 6th April Contemplating the Beauty of God

  • Centring prayer’ / mindfulness / The Jesus Prayer

  • Praying with Creation – Franciscan / Celtic


To book a place please book either on the Diocesan website or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.